Japanese class for individuals

Class Time

Daytime classes:8:30 ~ 17:00

Evening classes:17:00 ~ 20:00

(Saturday:9:00 ~ 18:00)

Class Duration

Normal class:90 min

Conversation class:60 min

Class Organization

  • Each month, classes are organized in the first and second semesters.
  • The class starts when two or more learners are in a class.
  • Before joining the class, there is a learning level confirmation test.

Learning Frontline

Before you start learning, you will have a direct interview with the teacher. You will be asked to discuss your learning objectives and the Japanese language skills you want to strengthen,so that you can study in the same level class as much as possible.

Flow until attendance




・Confirmation of learning purpose
・Check Goals
・Japanese Language Proficiency Test
・Price description
・Confirmation of desired time


Deciding which class to join




Start learning


Basic Japanese Class

This is a group lesson class for beginners and JLPT N5, N4 qualification levels.
The class will be performed by 3 to 5 students
Even beginners who are new to Japanese for the first time will start by reading "Hiragana" and "Katakana" and aim to be at a level where you can do simple everyday greetings.


Intermediate to advanced classes

This class is mainly for those who aim to acquire JLPT certification N2 and N1.
Using the structural syllabus, we will start with a step-by-step grammar understanding and then systematically learn Japanese.
This is the best class for those who have learned the basics of Japanese at other centers and want to get a qualification in the shortest time.


  • Private lessons
  • You can design a learning program that is specific to the field you want to study.
  • You want to study Japanese specialized in the work of your own workplace.
  • For studying abroad in Japan, you would like to learn conversations using topic syllabus on basic Japanese language acquisition and actual Japanese school life.

Conversation class

The content of this class is more than just talking.
Intermediate and higher-level Japanese learners will select and learn the skills they want to enhance from their listening, speaking, and writing skills.
In order to prepare for the conversation between the learner and the teacher in advance, you can not only learn rich and wide vocabulary and grammar, but also learn about Japanese history, culture, current affairs news You can also learn continuously
This class is recommended for those who want to focus on Japanese conversation without being obsessed with qualifications.


  • All teachers are Japanese
  • Depending on your level, you can talk with the Japanese and learn "usable Japanese".

※By reservation only


Elementary school class

60 minutes / lesson, 3rd grade elementary school and above. Up to 5 students per class.

<Beginner course>

This course is designed for first-year elementary school students who are learning Japanese for the first time. Here, children can practice from the pronunciation of the Japanese syllabary of "Hiragana" and learn Japanese conversation used in everyday life and school life through games and origami activities.

<Advanced course>

This course is for elementary school students who have completed the beginner course and children returning from Japan. Basic Japanese will be systematically studied for "Hiragana", "Katakana", "Kanji", etc.
Here, we will use Japanese language textbooks that are actually used in Japanese elementary schools, and will learn step-by-step how to understand the meaning of words and the contents of sentences from the textbooks of each grade.
Even if children are not in an environment where they can use Japanese on a daily basis, we aim to improve their Japanese level using reading materials and the Internet, etc., taking into account Japanese language acquisition according to their level .


  • For beginner courses, Vietnamese and Japanese with specialized knowledge in Japanese language teaching work in tie-up.
    In the advanced course, native Japanese teach using Japanese elementary school materials.
  • Depending on the level of the child, Japanese teachers will propose each task while talking, so not only Japanese as a language but also geography, cultural and scientific topics will be expanded.

※By reservation only